State Maturita Exam Topics

Maturitní okruhy pro státní verzi zkoušky pro gymnázium:

  1. The UK (general information, geography, history, literature).
  2. The USA (general information, geography, history, literature).
  3. Canada (general information, geography).
  4. Australia (general information, geography).
  5. New Zealand (general information, geography).
  6. The CR – general information, geography, history
  7. The CR – important places of interest (Prague, Liberec, Český Krumlov, etc.)
  8. Our country – political development since WW2, contemporary situation
  9. Sports in the CR and the English speaking countries.
  10. Czech educational system and my school experience, my school projects
  11. Traditions, holidays, festivals, celebrations. (English speaking countries, the CR)
  12. The culture of young people – music, clothing, films, theatre, etc.
  13. The book, film, play everybody should read, watch.
  14. Life is full of stereotypes (everyday routines).
  15. Travelling.
  16. My past, present and future.
  17. Free time activities, hobbies, entertainment.
  18. Jobs, part-time jobs, my future job.
  19. Housing.
  20. Health.
  21. Food, cooking.
  22. Shopping (shops, supermarkets, on-line shopping, fashion, money, credit cards, loans, etc.).
  23. Learning foreign languages and its importance.
  24. Science and technology in our lives.
  25. Nature and environment.
  26. Life in the country and city.
  27. Mass media.
  28. Interpersonal relations, family, races, nations, cultural differences, religion.
  29. Problems of young people (drugs, bullying, money, family, school, etc.).
  30. Crime and punishment.
  31. Famous and popular personalities.
  32. Services