Maturitní témata 4.M/4.L šk. rok 2016/2017

Seznam maturitních okruhů pro 4.M + 4.L

01. My family and friends, character description, relationships between people

02. The Czech Republic, introduction of my country

03. Prague – the capital city of the Czech Republic (history, culture, sport, other realia)

04. The town where I live and its surroundings (history, culture, sport, other realia)

05. My flat/house

06. The media, TV, magazines, books and the Internet in everyday life

07. Jobs and careers, plans for the future, my studies

08. Hobbies and leisure, sports and games, my hobbies

09. Travelling, advantages and disadvantages of visiting foreign countries, means of transport

10. Food and meals, eating habits in our country and English-speaking countries

11. Shopping, clothes and fashion, at the department store, on-line shopping

12. Nature and environment, pollution, how can I help to protect the nature

13. How science, technology and modern inventions can help in our everyday life

14. The United Kingdom, general information, geography, history, London

15. Life in the United States, general information, geography, history, New York, Washington D.C.

16. Other English-speaking countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the main realia

17. My school life, experience.

18. Health and diseases, human body, at the doctor`s

19. Customs and celebrations, festivals and holidays in the Czech Republic, Great Britain and the U.S.A., Christmas

20. My childhood, my childish dreams and reality

21. Life is full of stereotypes, daily routine

22. Warning problems of society, drugs, smoking, alcohol

23. British literature – e.g.W.Shakespeare, Ch. Dickens, J.Austen, J.K.Rowling – a book I read ( my favourite book or film by an English author – your choice)

24. American literature – e.g. E. Hemingway, E.A.Poe, Mark Twain, B.McDonald, D.Brown – a book I read ( my favourite book or film by an American author – your choice)

25. My teacher training experience : how I spent my teacher training, daily routine in the kindergarten (or other place), my favourite activities with the children