Esej z britské a americké literatury 3. roč. + septima

Recommended structure of the literary essay:

Ilustrační fotografie
Ilustrační fotografie


  1. Introduction: What is your attitude to reading books and to literature in general?

    What kind of literature do you prefer?

    Why and how have you chosen this book?

    How did you get the book (borrowed in a public library, from my friend, from the bookcase of my parents, from school English library…)?

    In what language did you read the book (English x Czech and why)

  2. Information about the author (max. 5 lines)
  3. Introduction to the book (genre, time, setting…) (max. 5 lines)
  4. The main characters and their brief characteristics
  5. The plot of the book (max. 15 lines)
  6. My opinion: How long did it take you to read all the book?

    What do you think about the theme, characters, the setting and the period of time in the book?

    What did you like or dislike about the book and why?

    What would you change about the book if you could?

    What is/are the main idea/ideas of the book? What did the author want to say or show to the readers?

    Is there any film adaptation of the book? Have you seen it? Is it better or worse than the book? Why?

    How did you feel when reading the book (scared, horrified, excited, sad, happy, surprised, confused, cheerful, disgusted, impatient, amused…)?

    Did you enjoy reading the book?

    Do you think that you will read the book at least once more in the future?

  7. Conclusion: What has the book brought to your life?

    What have you learnt/ found out (new information, words, knowledge, facts that you did not know)?

    What kind of readers is the book for ? Whom would you recommend this book and why?

    (Do you agree with the opinion that books are our friends? Why?)

In case of short stories: parts 4 and 5 – about one or two chosen stories only.

Note: Parts 6 + 7 must be the longest part of the whole essay!!! 

Literární eseje se píší ve 3. ročníku a v septimě na hodinách anglického jazyka. V každém pololetí jedna, místo pololetní kompozice.